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First actually released album - a pleasant mixture of drone and industrial, with some rock thrown in for good measure.


released December 18, 2009




rust00 Peoria, Illinois

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Track Name: mvmnt1(the abyss)
I remember the first time I saw you
Your face was bathed in gold light
Casually leaning, time sliding by you
A rock dividing the river before letting itself gather as it past

Your eyes were sharp and they cut through my flesh, into my soul
And you told me your name, and I couldn't speak, and you laughed at me
And I am a ten year old boy, and you are a goddess

You had a good job, and a house full of nice things, and you are beautiful
And I am a loner that works at a dead-end job

And you kissed me and you told me that we would be together forever and you left me
You asked what you saw in me, you told me I am worthless, and I don't have the answer

And the sky is dark and it starts to rain and it never stops
And I miss you so much, I just want to hear you laugh again and I just want to feel your hand in mine again

And I wake up and this is all a dream
And I realize I've lost sense of time
And I'm not sure were I am
And I realize I have done nothing and I know no-one
And no-one knows me

And I feel something coming
Its dark and its big and nothing can stop it
Its motionless but its coming, and its silent and I can't see it

But I feel it and I feel that its coming and I have no one to stop it with and I cant do this and I'm overwhelmed and you can't love me so you won't help me

And I think about what to do
And I can't come up with the answer

And everyone acts like I'm not there
They look through me and push me aside
And I can't talk to them because they don't want me to

And my mouth is sewn shut
And I'm chained down inside myself
And I need you to come cut my chain
And I need you to hurry

The only thing I'm good for is cowering in the corner
Until someone needs something
The darkness is just over the horizon
And I'm falling.
Track Name: mvmnt2(trauma)
Track Name: mvmnt3(mains hum)
I wonder where you have gone
Where have you departed from?
I go looking for you
I find nothing but a blue hue

Main lines around
Main lines are down
I am hiding from you
Under the power lines

Stop hiding from me
I can't do this alone you see
Please stop hiding from me
I can't do this alone

I need you
I need you
I will crumble
And fall

Power lines connect us
We are separate
Power lines fuel us
We are drained

Power lines push us forward
We fall back
We all fall together
We all fall together
Track Name: mvmnt4(innocent)
You are not innocent.
Track Name: mvmnt5(trust issues)
Don't trust anyone
Don't trust anyone
Don't trust anyone
They are coming to get you

Don't trust anyone
They are coming to remove you

Don't trust anyone
They will stab you in the front
And look you in the eye

They will apologize
For all of the hate and sadness
They bring to you

Furthering their own goals
They'll twist the knife
Eviscerate, your goals your hopes your dreams

Ask yourself
Who do you really know

Don't trust anyone
Always have eyes in the back of your head
Look around

Be wary of those around you
You don't know who will betray you
Not even yourself

Always think ahead
There are threats around you
Track Name: mvmnt6(father)
Track Name: mvmnt7(echos)
Track Name: mvmnt8(deep)
I fell
Into your eyes
I left
Quite a few nights ago

I'm drowning in you
Gasping for what I want
Blue skies above you
And the earth beneight your feet
Blossoms in the sun

Cities rise and crumble
In the onslaught of the seasons

Fires in the sky
Burn away into embers
Fires in your eyes
Burn away nothing at all

Wrap your arms
We'll do just fine
Crystal citadels
Basilisk birds fly

Planetary motions
Quick stabs of pain
Rose petals from the sky
Rose petals from the sky

Rose petals from the sky (burn away nothing)
Rose petals from the sky (burn away nothing)
Track Name: mvmnt9(barren fields and soul)
Track Name: mvmnt10(yggdrasil)
Track Name: mvmnt11(the day of the execution)